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We love getting to know our patients and we want you to get to know us too.

Meet our team below!


Dr. christopher goswick

Dr. Christopher Goswick's earliest encounters with optometry occurred when his mom, Dr. Goszcz, used him as her guinea pig while in optometry school. Perhaps as a result of this early exposure, Dr. Goswick originally decided to pursue other areas, getting a B.A. in Philosophy and then managing network security for Nokia in California.

However, his life-long interest in anatomy and unparalleled chatting skills beckoned him back to optometry, and he graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 2006. As an optometrist, Dr. Goswick truly adores getting to know his patients and their families over the years.  Dr. Goswick is a contact lens specialist and particularly enjoys problem-solving contact lens issues as well as fitting patients in multi-focal contact lenses. 

Fun facts:

  • His favorite food is buffalo chicken wings

  • He is an avid computer gamer

  • “Going Jeeping” in his Jeep Wrangler is his favorite summer pastime

emily goswick, practice manager & Optician

Emily is Dr. Goswick's wife and she is solely in charge of all things Goswick, including Dr. Goswick. She works behind the scenes, pulling the strings that make the office run smoothly. Emily studied art history at Smith College and taught high school art for seven years.  Emily and Dr. Goswick have two sons, Gideon and Levon.  Emily is an optician and specializes in successful progressive fits.  Emily enjoys being part of the Northborough community and finds the connections she makes with patients very rewarding, and the glasses fabulous!

Fun facts:

  • Her cats Walter, Maurice, and Vincent give her crazy cat lady status

  • Drawing and making art are some of her favorite activities

  • She is a coffee fanatic


CHRISTINE, office supervisor

Hometown: Uxbridge, MA

  • She enjoys gardening in the summer

  • She loves rummaging through a good yard sale 

  • She enjoys working on a good jigsaw puzzle and coloring in coloring books

patrick, office supervisor

Hometown: Burnham, PA

  • He loves cats and generally wears one of his 10+ cat shirts underneath his work clothes

  • He's an avid computer gamer and spends much of his free time as a computer geek

  • He can speak Pig Latin better than anyone you know (ustjay ytray imhay)

John, optician

Hometown: North Attleboro, MA

  • He is an avid dart player and has been playing in a league for 12 years 

  • He loves going tent camping and travels to Fasle Cape State Park in Virginia every year for a trip with his family (he hikes 16 miles just to the campsite)! 

  • He has recently started enjoying going biking with friends 

Levon goswick, monster truck driver

Levon keeps up office morale with his cuteness. He specializes in adjusting glasses in innovative new directions, and investigating office nooks, crannies, and cabinets. When Levon grows up, he wants to eat pasta with his mama.

jason, lab manager

Hometown: Charlton, MA

  • He has a cat named Garth, named after Garth Brooks

  • He LOVES fancy socks (gifts are recommended) 

  • He is an aquarium enthusiast 

lynne, optician

Hometown: Worcester, MA

  • She collects antique oddities and curiousities

  • She doesn't consider herself a true New Englander because she's a huge San Jose Sharks fan (go sharks!)

  • She has loved foxes since childhood and believes they should be household pets 

jen, technician

Hometown: Franklin, MA

  • If music comes on, you can always find her dancing along

  • She calls herself a foodie and loves trying out new restaurants (she's open to suggestions)!

  • She loves to travel and see new places and is always looking for somewhere new


Gideon is in charge of amusing staff with his antics. His repertoire includes raising and lowering the exam chair, modeling every pair of glasses within reach, and riding on the spinny chairs. Gideon loves cars and has a particular penchant for Chevys. He plans to be a "cowboy who rides goats" when he grows up, an endeavor his parents fully support.